Achievements are accomplished not through big why or dare to dream but through actions ultimately.  Of all actions, it’s those little actions that we take every day, slowly but surely, lead to our achievements. Hence, SUCCESS IS A HABIT. Here is a list of habits to share with you from the course ‘Habits for Success’ conducted recently with a client.

1. Take charge – Focus on things that you have control and for things you cannot control, focus on what/who you can influence.


2. Choose your battles – Our work demand is limitless but our resources are limited. Don’t try to win everything but choose the battles that are worth winning.


3. Focus on solutions – Instead of looking at the problem, focus on solutions by asking ‘what do I want instead?’ E.g. Instead of how to handle objections, focus on how to convince customers. The solutions have more far-reaching benefits.


4. Build resources – As the demand for resources will likely increase, continuously build your resources such as time, skills, knowledge, network & relationship.


5. Practice makes perfect – while this sounds familiar, not many SCHEDULE their practice. Practice could be about sharpening a new skill, keep our current skills polished or growing an existing skill.


Kua is  Principal Trainer at Mind Connect based in Malaysia.

Kua’s LinkedIn Profile can be found here

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