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Common Key Account Management Challenges

As the head of the key account team, do your key account managers face such challenges?

1. They don’t see opportunities in their accounts
2. Business is overly transactional
3. They don’t know what to ask from their accounts and end up always giving more
4. They are not pro-active
5. They cannot see beyond the month

These are not issues but merely symptoms. These symptoms are usually good indicators that the key account manager does not have a VISION for their accounts.

For a key account manager who has a personal VISION about what the key account could achieve and how he/she can assist, it is like a heavy short-sighted person given a pair of new glasses (or contact lenses). With better assisted eye sight (having a vision):

1. They see opportunities
2. They can see how what they are doing create new opportunities
3. They can see what to ask from the key accounts
4. They could see what’s coming and make adjustments (pro-active)
5. They see months ahead

Try talking and assisting your KAM’s in developing their ‘vision’. Be the optometrist 🙂

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