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All too often, we pitch to clients our offerings – our solutions, services, products, etc. Yet, we don’t take a moment to pause and think to ourselves – “How does this make our clients want to buy it from us?… Why would the client need to purchase this right now? What would compel the buyer to move forward?”

Here’s an important tip for you: STOP talking about yourself, and talk about the client’s Benefits! If you hear yourself saying the words “We…. I… Us….” often in your dialog with the client, you’re likely speaking about yourselves more than the client. So how can we force ourselves to speak about the client’s benefits?

Ask yourself one question each time you catch yourself talking about yourself/your own offerings…. That question is “SO WHAT?” Yes! The reason that is important is because your clients may not fully understand or fully appreciate what your offering can do for them. Moreover, senior business leaders need to understand how your offering impact their business, and may not be detail-oriented. If they don’t understand what your offering does to their business, their interest lowers and attention drops. As a result, their decision won’t be in your favor.

Our education and society has taught us to conduct business with professional manners. As a result, no client will ever say the words “So What?” to your face. However, they think that to themselves, in their heads, when considering your offering. Help your clients by answering that question for them during the pitch.

This tip made the largest improvement to my sales technique when I learned it. Hope this can help you just as much, also.

Stay tuned to our next blog to see how else we can pitch better to an international audience…

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