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We have different cultures, customs and regulations – and there is still one business world. In business, cultures may differ, but the focus remains the same – to conduct business with those whom we trust. Recently, I was asked by a sales director of a large China-based company – “Why is it that we are not making strong sales to foreign-owned corporations?” This sales director had a strong marketing team, a solid brand name and an excellent service – yet his sales figures showed that his sales team could sell only to Chinese-owned corporates.

Being curious, I asked to follow his sales team out on client meetings. Then the answer became obvious. Their sales team was used to pitching their offerings to clients who were already aware of their brand name. When they rolled up to the client office, they would do the same pitch – talk about the offering the same and repeat the same tone of voice – it was almost as if they voice-recorded their pitch and were just playing it back to the clients in the meeting room!

When we deliver a pitch to a client, tailor it to their needs. Speak in their language – and I don’t mean Chinese vs English – I mean use the same terminology their use in their business. Speak with passion and with a tone of voice which makes the client feel the future with your solution would be more comfortable. Once the client is able to feel the difference with your offering, their buy-in would be stronger. Most importantly, clients would feel valued.

Stay tuned to our next blog to see how else we can pitch better to an international audience…

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