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Transforming Industry Consultants to Business Leaders

Most engineers, architects and professional consultants enter their industry through developing their technical expertise. As these experts accelerate in their careers, their responsibility grows, along with their reputation. That can be put to work together, complementary.

Our team have worked with global consultancy firms who were facing a more competitive industry. At the same time, their consulting workforce was starting to mature. Aged in their 30’s, the consulting workforce was entering into a transitive period in their careers – therefore, the firm had to think of ways to develop, engage and best utilize this workforce. Working jointly with our team, a curriculum of workshops was tailored to enable consultants to choose which areas they wish to develop in – with the common objective as grooming them to become the next generation of business leaders.

Whether the title is Architect, Engineer or Project Manager, we can work with your team to:

Turn industry expertise to become industry leadership

Use the same consulting workforce to increase revenue generation

Expand client relationships and expand services offered

Consultative Selling for Financial Client Advisors

In the world of investment, products are abundant and competition is strong. Many investment firms are filled with employees who used to work for competitor firms and are also working with the same clients. Understanding that the client facing team is a large investment for the firm, organizations are often faced with the challenge of how to ensure they have higher chances of succeeding in their roles.

Our consultants have successfully enabled asset management specialists, corporate bankers and investment advisors to turn their knowledge to become their largest asset. Because our consultants have extensive working experience in this field, we know that the product and industry knowledge needs to be communicated properly, in order to create success for our clients and ourselves. Through consultative discussions with clients, the sales process becomes less stressful and more productive. Client relationships are deepened through increased understanding. As a result – recommended offerings are accepted more than before. Our style of working with these professionals has been focused on selling, without “selling”.

Deepen client relationships

Increase win rates in competitive markets

Turn customer objections into customer opportunities

Innovating Technology Sales Execution

As rapid as technology changes in today’s world, so do the client facing team for technology companies. Investing in the hiring and retaining of client facing professionals is often on company agendas, however, investing in the success of these client facing professionals is often not. From the staff’s perspective, they need to learn in order to grow and prosper their career. This is where we can help both sides, with minimal investment.

Our consultants come from technology companies, having worked in sales teams. Regardless of account managers, pre-sales consultants or solution architects – we often witness professionals speak about technology offerings without engagement. In our experience, we have worked with technology professionals to communicate targeted solution offerings which their clients would accept. We have worked with technology professionals to focus on advising the client, rather than pushing the client. As a result, sales teams become more successful with their focused approach and staff retention levels are increased.

Speak solution, not product

Connect with the client’s values

Showcase the business impact of your offering

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