Sales Training: Good things come in 3’s

Sales Training: Good things come in 3’s – we learn the ABC’s, count 3-2-1, and Olympic medals are given to the Gold/Silver/Bronze winners.

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In business, oftentimes we see great things happen in 3’s as well. I am sure those experienced in presenting have been taught that the “Rule of 3” is a golden rule for presenting information – giving stronger retention. For those of us that are business developers – those who are the most successful in building business partnerships are those who involve:

  • Themselves
  • A Business Partner
  • …to target a common client segment

Business Developers

Too often, I experience business developers with a strong focus to outperform their set targets. While I commend their attitude, I would like to share some of their challenges. In many of these professionals’ minds, their objective is to sell or transact a business deal with their client; and it is evident in their business meeting conversations. Instead of focusing on trying to sell to your clients, how about focusing the conversation to involve:

  • Themselves
  • The Client
  • …to target reaching a future aspiration

By remembering that our clients are also in business and have goals they wish to achieve, being part of that achievement would make a far more collaborative business relationship. So how about it? Let’s learn from our past, focus on the present and create a better business future. And hey – if your clients want to hear some compelling reason on why they should work with you – perhaps give them 3 reasons too!

So remember: some great things come in threes. If you’re contemplating alignment – remember that you can go beyond sales and marketing and incorporate your customer success teams. You’ll be rewarded with powerful, long-term revenue growth as you build your loyal army of brand advocates! Top performers’ training priorities reflect a belief in the power of continuous practice and coaching informed by objective sales competency metrics.  The world of selling may have grown in complexity; but thanks to competency-based sales learning organizations can systematically attack one piece of the puzzle at a time. The basis of our frontline sales training and will be featuring more of that content in upcoming posts.

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