Donald B Ma

Pitching to an International Audience / Part 2

All too often, we pitch to clients our offerings – our solutions, services, products, etc. Yet, we don’t take a moment to pause and think to ourselves – “How does this make our clients want to buy it from us?… Why would the client need to purchase this right now? What would compel the buyer […]


Mind over Quota

Let’s face it – missing sales targets sucks! No matter how experienced you are, it’s the feeling of under-achieving coupled with public shame which makes us ponder our ability as a sales professional in an organization. Yet – WHO has not ever missed their quota? Having studied top performing sales professionals and following their ways […]


Empathy in Sales

A while ago, I wrote about the magic of the number ‘3’ in business. I’d like to express more on this magical number, and how it can help us have a better relationship with our clients –   Many experienced sales professionals understand the importance of asking questions, and the power of follow-up questions. Moreover, […]