Donald B Ma

Pitching to an International Audience / Part 2

All too often, we pitch to clients our offerings – our solutions, services, products, etc. Yet, we don’t take a moment to pause and think to ourselves – “How does this make our clients want to buy it from us?… Why would the client need to purchase this right now? What would compel the buyer […]


Pitching to an International Audience

We have different cultures, customs and regulations – and there is still one business world. In business, cultures may differ, but the focus remains the same – to conduct business with those whom we trust. Recently, I was asked by a sales director of a large China-based company – “Why is it that we are […]


Sales Training: The Price of Things We’ve Lost

When I was 16 years old, I went against my parents’ advice and pleading to withdraw from the high school wrestling team. Despite the fact that I only weighed about 100 pounds and barely qualified for the lowest weight class, the ego in my head outweighed every ounce of logic around it. As it turns […]