About Us

Milestone|3 was founded on the principle that individuals in the workplace have incredible potential to outperform – and we focus on unlocking that potential. Our consultants have worked with executives, managers and professional consultants to become inspirational leaders, win major commercial bids and build deep client relationships.

During business presentations, sales pitches and client meetings – we work with our clients to make these moments to become times of engaging connection and stronger impact. Through working with individuals’ skill development and mindset to deliver more engaging communications, we help to connect people with their full potential and excel in their roles.


Why choose us

Realistic Learning from Practical Experience

All of our consultants are tenured in various industries – having served there for many years before joining us. Hence, we can leverage their experience and apply it into our clients’ world. By delivering workshop sessions which are similar to the actual workplace, learning retention is stronger.

Cultural Adaptability and Language Capability

We understand that there are customs particular to countries, and they do impact the way business is conducted. Our facilitators are stationed across Asia/Pacific and have worked extensively in these countries. Apart from speaking English fluently, they all speak the national language of where they are based.

Tailored Workshops for…You

Our objective is to help our clients achieve their business aspirations. We understand that each business would be facing different challenges and have different goals. Hence, it is only fitting that we offer tailored workshops for each of our clients. Of course, we also offer standard workshops as well…the most important thing is to help our clients be their best in front of their clients.
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