Resilience is an
Essential Element of
Social Intelligence

The Adaptive Mindset for Resilience Model helps employees understand their cognitive biases and learn strategies to overcome negative tendencies to better embrace change. Workplace stress and disruptive, fast-changing business processes are just part of today’s business world. And while change is a necessary part of daily business operations, it can have a negative impact on your employees. TRACOM has developed a unique model for evaluating personal Resiliency.
In partnership, Milestone|3 offers learning experiences for developing Resilience skills that drive organizational performance.

People with resilience skills were found to be:

15% better finding opportunities in workplace challenges

16% better at consistently performing at a high level

20% more comfortable initiating change when needed

22% less likely to be personally effected by stressful situations

Assess to understand. Change to bounce forward.

In partnership with TRACOM, Milestone|3 offers the Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency assessment and workshop/coaching experiences to develop and enhance your workforce’s resiliency. With the combination of science and practicality, your workforce can identify where and how they can change to thrive.