Social Intelligence is Business Intelligent

In partnership with TRACOM Group, Milestone|3 offers comprehensive soft skills training programs for businesses and organizations. Our programs improve Versatility, EQ, Resilience, and Agility by adapting the way people Think, Act, and React for optimal success in the workplace.

Social Intelligence is Business Intelligent because it improves performance for individuals, teams and entire organizations. Social Intelligence is the future’s most essential skill.

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The World’s Leading Interpersonal Skills Model

Your SOCIAL STYLE® is your preferred way of acting and interacting. Some people work quickly, others more slowly. Some respond better to data and others to stories or personal experiences. SOCIAL STYLE® training helps you understand your own preferences and those of others. Most importantly, it teaches you how to recognize the behavior of others and create strong, productive relationships with anyone.

The Golden Rule says to treat others the way YOU want to be treated. But the SOCIAL STYLE® Platinum Rule shows you how to treat others the way THEY want to be treated. The impact of the Platinum Rule is profound.

The Driving Style

The Driving Style: Controlling, Decisive & Fast-paced

People with a Driving Style are seen by others as direct, active, forceful and determined. They initiate social interaction and they focus their efforts and the efforts of others on the goals and objectives they wish to get accomplished.

Their Need: Results

Their Orientation: Action

Their Growth Action: To Listen

The Expressive Style

The Expressive Style: Enthusiastic & Emotional

People with an Expressive Style tend to be more willing to make their feelings known to others. They can appear to react impulsively and openly show both positive and negative feelings. They are typically described by others as personable, talkative and sometimes opinionated.

Their Need: Personal Approval

Their Orientation: Spontaneity

Their Growth Action: To Check

The Amiable Style

The Amiable Style: Friendly, Supportive & Relationship-driven

People with an Amiable Style openly display their feelings to others. They  appear less demanding and generally more agreeable than others. They are interested in achieving a rapport with others who often describe them as informal, casual and easy going.

Their Need: Personal Security

Their Orientation: Relationships

Their Growth Action: To Initiate

The Analytical Style

The Analytical Style: Thoughtful, Reserved & Slow-paced

People with an Analytical Style are typically described by others as quiet, logical and sometimes reserved or cautious. They tend to appear distant from others and may not communicate unless there is a specific need to do so.

Their Need: To Be Right

Their Orientation: Thinking

Their Growth Action: To Declare

SOCIAL STYLE® International Versions

As the world is more connected, SOCIAL STYLE® can be offered in many different international norms to account for cultural differences and their impact on behavior. By understanding how different cultures perceive communications and behaviors, individuals can better adapt and connect in this connected world.

Moreover, to facilitate stronger learning and retention, the SOCIAL STYLE® assessment is available in various languages, including: Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, and Thai, etc.